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Heavy Duty Coolants

Heavy Duty Coolant

Windshield weld offers a range of Coolant (Antifreeze & Non-evaporative). Almost all vehicle owners know about Coolant but most of them ignore its timely replacement from the system or top-up of it whenever required.

Considering the fact that coolant plays an important role in vehicle�s life and ignorance of customers towards importance of coolant top-up, Windshield weld offers free top-up of coolant in our customer�s vehicle.

Benefits of coolant

  • ���It ensures protection of the moving parts of the water pump thus increasing its life.

  • ���It has anti-corrosion additives that prevent rusting of the metallic components of the Cooling System. It also effectively protects the rubber components as it is compatible with the seals and bearings of the water pump and hoses.

  • ���Proper top-up and timely change of Coolant at the appropriate drain period keeps the cooling system in good condition. This ensures Low down Time and Reduced Maintenance cost.

  • ���With its high thermal efficiency, Coolant effectively absorbs excessive engine heat. This heat is then released through the radiator thus keeping the Engine optimally cool.

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