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Solar Control Glass

The major drivers for solar control glass in automotive industry are passenger comfort, minimising the degrading effects of the suns radiation on interior trims and fabrics, and improving fuel consumption by lowering the load on the vehicles air-conditioning unit. Solar absorbing interlayer helps to control the interior temperature of a vehicle. Reducing the heat that is transmitted through the glazing of a vehicle can reduce the air conditioner load, which in turn improves fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions

Benefits of Solar Control Glass:

Heat Reduction + Cabin Comfort

Windshield and side windows (if laminated) incorporating solar absorbing interlayer are designed to effectively absorb infrared (IR) light wavelengths from the sun that are responsible for generating excessive heat in vehicles. Thereby, they help in controlling the interior temperature of a vehicle

Fuel Efficiency / C02 Reduction

When a vehicle cabin starts out cooler or gains less heat, the air conditioning system can run less to get the cabin temperature to a comfortable level, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions

.UV Blocking:

Solar Control Glass provides the benefit of blocking harmful UV radiation transmitted from the sun. In addition to absorbing heat producing energy, solar interlayer provide enhanced UV protection, blocking over 99% of harmful UV, similar to the benefits provided by wearing SPF 50+ sunscreen

Increased Electric Vehicle Range:

Consumer anxiety over the range (distance) of pure electric vehicles and the lack of available infrastructure to charge vehicles in emergency situations is of continual concern. The use of the air conditioning unit on a pure electric vehicle can reduce its driving range by 15%40%, depending on how often the air conditioning is used and the size of the system. A windshield made solar absorbing interlayer can reduce the overall interior temperature of the vehicle. Also, when taking into account the potential reduced air conditioning usage, it can translate into an improvement in vehicle range when compared with a standard windshield.

*Noise Reduction + Solar Control

In addition to solar control, solar acoustic interlayer give a duel comfort in cabin, it reduces the noise in the cabin along with reducing cabin temperature.

Windshield Weld offers a wide range of solar control glass to its customers.

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