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Windshield Replacement

Windshield is a critical component and it comes under 13 MOST CRITICAL COMPONENTS of a car as per safety parameters of OEM. If a windshield glass is used with the right adhesive, it provides 40% structural strength to the vehicle.

The professionals at Windshield Weld assess the damage and then suggest the requisite solution.

· Damage Assessment - In case of a windshield, if crack is larger and beyond repair, then Windshield Weld suggests replacing full windshield with alternative quality glass with best quality adhesives recommended by the OEM.

· Windshield Glass - Windshield Weld offers alternative quality windshield glass which qualifies Indian, European, American and Japanese quality standard to meet OEM standard as it fits correctly and restores the vehicle to its original condition.

· Adhesive - It would be not right if an ordinary adhesive is used with the automotive glass, so Windshield Weld uses quality adhesives which are approved by OEM.

· Windshield Installation - The windshields at Windshield Weld are installed based on the installation procedures set by Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council (AGRSS), Europe. The suggested drive-away time is the most important factor in a proper replacement of the windshield. For your safety, please follow the drive-away instructions.

Drive-away instructions :

·  Do not drive the car until the adhesive cures.

·  Window glass of the car must be opened before you close the door for first 24 hours.

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