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Water Repellent Treatment on Glass

Water RepellentWater Repellent

  Water Repellent : 

According to experts, our eyes provide approximately 90% of the information that we need to make critical decisions as we drive. 65% of drivers experience difficulty seeing in the rain during the day and 82% experience this difficulty during night. Under rainy conditions, slippery roads and poor visibility combine to increase the likelihood of accidents. Indeed, when it rains, water droplets tend to spread on the glass surface impeding the driver’s visibility. Water repellent coatings can improve a driver’s visual activity by nearly 34% and response time by 25%.

On glass treated with water repellent coating, water droplets do not adhere to the surface but retain a spherical shape and are removed by the air stream generated by the movement of the vehicle. Water forms as tiny pearls of moisture, which are blown away as the car increases speed, leaving the glass panel clearer and cleaner.

Advantages of water repellent coating on automotive windshields

  •    - Water repellent - Striking improvement in visibility during wet, rainy and snowy conditions
  •    - Reduction in response time - shorter braking distance
  •    - UV Protection - Blocks UV rays, reduced air condition load
  •    - Easy cleaning of the windshield as nothing adheres to it


  • Cleaning the glass surface - Before application of the coating, the glass surface should be cleaned thoroughly of any dust, dirt, grease, fingerprints by using any household glass cleaner, detergent and then washed clean with water and dried. Surface may be further activated with surface activator for better performance. Ensure that the glass surface is thoroughly clean and dry before applying coating.

  • Coating Application - Coating is done at normal room temperature in the shade in a clean, dust free environment. Coating is applied by means of a soft, lint free cloth or sponge saturated with the solution. The coating is applied by wiping the glass surface with the cloth saturated with the solution in small sections at a time. Ensure that the solution is applied to the whole surface thoroughly. The coating is then allowed to dry naturally for about 15 minutes so that it is fully dry.

  • Polishing - After the coating has dried out it needs to be polished with a soft glass polishing cloth so as to remove all the excess dried material.

  • Curing - Let the coating cure at room temperature for about 10 to 12 hours.

  • Anti Glare Coating : 

Anti GlareAnti Glare


  • - Anti-glare. Improved night visibility due to reduced reflections.
  • - Reduced glare from headlamps of oncoming vehicles. Better visibility during driving at night.
  • - Makes the glass non-stick. Easy to clean. UV protected abrasion resistant and durable treatment. Lasts up to two years.
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