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Irrespective of age, limited education, limited work experience, the only limit is the three noes refer to KAPL talent three principles.
Refer to the specific requirements KAPL talent employment standards. If you feel you meet the criteria, or if you agree with the standard, then welcome to join.

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Heroes do not ask the source, employing eclectic


Talent is the KAPL Companys first capital. We value talent, talent, more eclectic selection of talent. Heroes do not ask the source, which is the KAPL company has always insisted on the concept of employment.

The size of a persons ability, and qualifications, background, there is no direct relationship. KAPL employment, do not look at education, not limited to, professional, open area. College or university, Big or MA, PhD is not important; important is whether there is leadership, teamwork, innovation, and whether the work has a strong passion and so on.

A high-quality people, even if he is not a highly educated person, there is no title, but he is constantly learning, enrich the knowledge to adapt to society to adapt to constantly improve their industry and the companys development, such a person is to KAPL the needs people.

Career Development:

In the KAPL, staff career development can be parallel, it can be staggered. Many people joined the company may not understand the situation, but after some time familiar, to understand the companys specific operations, they can choose their own career development direction. Such as the market can do to do sales, so sales can be switched over to the personnel, the company will provide you with the appropriate technical and management training. My job is to help people grasp the most suitable for their career development.

We will give employees great freedom, let him give full play to their talents, even if you make mistakes does not matter. Senior management is to encourage subordinates challenge for the companys development of comments and suggestions.

Corporate culture and our freedom, like, KAPL never anything like the box in the standard, the only criteria, including selection, we have no fixed standards staff must be like. We believe that technology, techniques, etc. are available through the companys targeted training to reach a certain height, but the human personality with considerable specificity; it is difficult to shape by training.

Three noes principle:

People who do not meet the companys values can not be appointed; people who work hard can not be appointed; no further learning and communication skills who can not be appointed

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